Holistic Management Grazing Tour

July 18th, 2018

Bus leaving LARA's Fort Kent Office at 7AM returning around 5 PM

Cost: $20 with lunch provided

First we will be going to the B-C Ranch to see how 30 years of HM practices have shaped their intensive grazing operation. After lunch we will head to the Chuiko Ranch to tour their 380 cow/calf operation and custom grazing on 3000 acres. Chuiko’s have been practicing HM since 2016 and are in their third year of planned grazing.

Holistic Management is a values-based decision making framework that integrates all aspects of  planning for sustainable social, economic and environmental considerations. Farmers and ranchers in Alberta have used Holistic Management to improve land, grow nutritious food, gain control of their finances and improve their quality of life.

Register by calling 780-826-7260 or email sustainag.lara@mcsnet.ca