Soils Workshop with Dr. Jill Clapperton

When: Tuesday, June 6 2017

Where: Lakeland College Vermilion Campus

Time: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm (lunch included)

Cost: $30.00 for members or $40.00 for non-members


Dr Jill Clapperton - world-renowned researcher, international lecturer, educator and advocate of farm practices that promote soil health. She will discuss new crops, rotations, and products that create healthy productive soils as well as new technology to help farmers assess soil fertility, plant nutrition and soil microbial activity.


Get down and dirty at this hands-on workshop - measure soil health; assessing and monitoring soil organisms, earthworms, soil respiration, impact of cropping practices, plant pathology and rooting and more...



Space is limited so register early by contacting 780-826-7260 or e-mailing!


Download the full poster here.