Horticulture Program

The horticulture program includes a small, perennial section (sour cherries, currants, cherry-plums, asparagus, etc) and a vegetable garden and greenhouse. Each year, several varieties of tomatoes and peppers are planted in the greenhouse and outdoors. A commonly raised variety (e.g. Better Boy tomatoes) is included for the purpose of comparison. Yields, growing season, and insect or disease problems are noted. 

The garden also includes several varieties of specific category of garden vegetables. For example, in 2014, several varieties of potatoes, pumpkins and squash were raised. In 2015, the garden includes varieties of carrots, radishes and gourds. 

An attempt is also made to include a few “unusual” items- okra, artichoke and luffa have been raised successfully in recent years.

Each year, LARA partners with the Bonnyville Ag Society to host Gardeners’ Day – a workshop featuring local gardening experts who share latest trends and improvements in gardening and landscaping. The 2014 garden included 7 varieties of potatoes.

German Butterball
 is an oval-shaped, yellow fleshed potato.  Good disease resistance and superior storage are features of this variety.  German Butterball was a “taste favorite” at our site.

Alta Blush was developed in Wetaskiwin in the 1990’s.  It has a smooth, thin skin and shallow eyes. (Excellent taste)

Candy Cane is a medium-sized potato.  It has bright red skin with cream-colored flesh with red rings beneath the surface. (A very colorful and “sweet” potato)

Roko is a later variety with excellent yields.  Skin is characterized by very shallow eyes and a deep red color.

Yellow Finn is known for its yellow flesh and “buttery” flavor.  It has a creamy texture – boils and mashes very well.

Bintje is a mid-season potato, producing large oval tubers.  Flesh and skin are pale yellow and eyes are shallow.

Linzer Delikatess is an early fingerling variety.  It produces a large number of small, yellow-skin tubers.



Aug 5 (1 plant) – grams

Sept 17 (10 plants) - kg

German Butterball

2314 gm 32.4 kg

Alta Blush

1400 gm 34.2 kg

Candy Cane

2033 gm 26.7 kg


2589 gm 29.2 kg

Yellow Finn

1310 gm 22.8 kg


2025 gm 25.8 kg

Linzer Delikatess

1126 gm 16.6 kg


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