Environmental Farm Plans

The environment is becoming a more prominent issue.  It is a large factor in marketing agriculture and food products in today’s global markets. Consumers are demanding more transparency and are demanding high quality and safe products. Reputation of food safety is critical to retain and gain access to domestic and international markets. 

Environmental Farm Plans (EFP) provide a tool for producers to assess their own operation and identify environmental risks, current standards, areas for improvement and also highlight what they are doing well.

Having a completed EFP allows producers to access different funding opportunities, such as the Growing Forward Stewardship Program.  It is also useful in product branding that demonstrates specific environmental standards.

As of April 2018, there is a mandatory 10 year renewal period on Environmental Farm Plans.

To start an EFP contact Kellie at LARA at 780-826-7260 or email [email protected]

The EFP Process

An EFP can be completed with one-on-one session(s).  The EFP first identifies the soil and farm site characteristics.  Following this, the producer completes only the relevant chapters that apply to their operation; such as wintering sites, fertilizer, pesticides, crop management etc. 

Upon completion the EFP is submitted to a Technical Assistant for review. Once reviewed, the EFP will be returned along with a letter of completion.

The EFP is a living document and should be reviewed and updated periodically.

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If you wish to complete an EFP or have any questions regarding EFP please contact the LARA office at 780-826-7260.