Pulses refers to legumes grown for grain. These grains are normally grown in typical agricultural crop rotations and include peas, lentils, soybeans, and faba beans. Legumes have not historically been grown in Northeastern Alberta, but in recent years have shown an expansion throughout the province.

There are many benefits to adding pulses to a crop rotation. They have the ability to fix nitrogen which improves soil health and decreases costs. They are also typically seeded and harvested earlier than other crops allowing work to be spread out over the season.

Regional Variety Trials – Pulses

Background: The regional variety trials have been grown in the Lakeland since 1991. Each variety is tested for three years against a common check variety that is kept in the trial long-term. Each year new varieties are added, and older ...


Background: High input costs, including fertilizer, has sparked producer interest in intercropping – the growing of two crops at the same time as a mixture in one field. Of particular interest is utilizing intercropping to improve multiple aspects of pea ...

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