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Canada Thistle Weed Project: The study of a weed biocontrol


Impact of Stem Mining Weevil (Hadropontus litura) population density on Canada Thistle Suppression

Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense) is an aggressive, colony-forming perennial weed which reproduces by both seeds and horizontal creeping root systems.

It is listed under the Alberta Weed Control Act as noxious. Canada thistle has a high tolerance to many environmental conditions and is very competitive with other types of vegetation. It is common in locations like riparian areas that do not allow for chemical or mechanical weed control.

There is hope, however. Enter: the stem-mining weevil.

The Stem-mining Weevil

The Canada thistle stem-mining weevil (Hadroplontus litura) is native to Austria, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, and southern Scandinavia; it is not native to Canada. The stem-mining weevil is an introduced species brought to Canada in 1965 as a biological pest ...

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