Sustainable Farming

Sustainable farming includes a wide range of practices and principles that combine ingenuity, environmental stewardship, and renewable energy.

Demonstration Solar Watering System

In 2006, LARA constructed a portable solar watering system with funding from the Alberta Stewardship Network. The unit, constructed on a pull trailer, contains solar panels, a trough, a pump, batteries, a float, and several hoses. It can water 150 head of cattle with a 15-foot lift or 200 head with a 10-foot lift. The watering system can be used with any surface body of water, like a dugout or a creek.


This system is available to try for free. If you're a producer who would like the chance to try an alternative watering system on their farm, please get in touch.

Off-Site Watering

Off-site systems protect and improve water quality by preventing livestock from having direct access to water sources.


Off-site watering systems come in many forms and can be built to spec to suit your operation. They can incorporate different power sources including electrical, solar, wind, or a combination, and can also include animal powered sources such as nose pumps and gravity feeds.


Troughs can range from plastic, cement, rubber, metal, or anything else that can hold water.  Off-site systems can be used on wells, dugouts, or natural water bodies such as creeks, lakes, and sloughs.


To book a trial of our solar watering system, or to learn more about off-site watering systems, please contact:

Environment Program
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