Horticulture Program

Our crop includes a small, perennial garden (sour cherries, currants, cherry-plums, asparagus, etc), a vegetable garden, and a greenhouse.  Every year, several varieties of tomatoes and peppers are planted in the greenhouse and outdoors.  A commonly raised variety (e.g. Better Boy tomatoes) is included for the purpose of comparison.

Yields, growing season, and insect or disease problems are noted during the program.

Exploratory Horticulture

The garden also includes several varieties of garden vegetables. For example, in 2014, varieties of potatoes, pumpkins, and squash were raised.  In 2015, the garden included varieties of carrots, radishes, and gourds. 

Our program also makes an effort to plant a few unusual vegetables—okra, artichoke, and luffa to name a few. The challenge to raise them, and we have raised them successfully in recent years, adds a little excitement to the whole experience.



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