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Our crop and pest management programs are your trusted resource for all things cereals, oilseeds, pulses, and pests.


Over the past five years, total crop production in Alberta has increased. Much of this growth in Alberta is because of increased yields thanks to advancements in crop research (new varieties, best management practices, etc.). With increased competition and higher input costs, farmers are looking to improve production and maximizing profits. 

LARA helps producers make the best agronomic decisions on their operations through variety selection, input management and beneficial management practices. 

Our crop and pest management programs aim to:

  • Guide producers to select the right crops,
  • Increase crop diversity through the selection of new crop varieties,
  • Test and establish the viability of specialty crops in the Lakeland,
  • Share current and emerging agricultural technologies,
  • Improve on-farm agronomic practices, and
  • Address local farmer's concerns through demonstrations and extensions

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