Pest Management

Insect Pest Monitoring Surveys

LARA takes part in local and province-wide pest monitoring studies to contribute to research and to better understand the issues facing Lakeland farmers.

LARA participated in the Alberta Insect Pest Monitoring (IPM) surveys of diamondback moth, bertha army worm, cabbage seedpod weevil, and orange wheat blossom midge. The regional data was then collected and passed on to provincial authorities.

The result were compiled and can be found on the Alberta Agriculture and Agri-Food website. Producers can use the resource to see if there's a pest outbreak in their area and take appropriate action to protect their crops.

Alberta Insect Pest Monitoring

Introduction Portions of this article are taken directly from the ‘Alberta Pest Monitoring Network Manual’   The goal of IPM surveys is to develop an early warning system for field crop pests in Alberta that is easy to access, timely ...

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