Forage & Livestock

Forage & Livestock Program

Our forage and livestock program aims to help farmers decrease their cost of production while increasing their value of production.

Our program is the resource for forage production, feeding, and grazing in the Lakeland.

The single most variable cost in livestock production is feed! From grazing in summer to feeding in the winter to marketing of animal, cost effective production begins and ends with forage and feed.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Demonstrate effective winter feeding systems in Northeastern Alberta
  • Reduce costs associated with winter feeding systems
  • Improve the efficiency of crop production through feed testing, ration-balancing, pasture and grazing management, etc.
  • Determine the highest yielding and quality annual crops for whole-plant forage production
  • Help producers chose annual and perennial forage types
  • Provide producers with marketing options and risk management strategies
  • Manage production for improved long-term soil and environmental health

Inspecting a field used for bale grazing and assessing pasture regrowth where bales were placed.


Healthy soils under perennial or annual crops should be well aggregated (cottage cheese appearance).


Digging a soil pit is an effective way of viewing your soils (health below ground = health above ground).

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Forage and Livestock Program 
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