The horticulture program includes a small, perennial section (sour cherries, currants, cherry-plums, asparagus, etc) and a vegetable garden and greenhouse.  Each year, several varieties of tomatoes and peppers are planted in the greenhouse and outdoors.  A commonly raised variety (e.g. Better Boy tomatoes) is included for the purpose of comparison. Yields, growing season, and insect or disease problems are noted.

The garden also includes several varieties of specific category of garden vegetables. For example, in 2014, several varieties of potatoes, pumpkins and squash were raised.  In 2015, the garden includes varieties of carrots, radishes and gourds. 

An attempt is also made to include a few “unusual” items- okra, artichoke and luffa have been raised successfully in recent years.

Each year, LARA partners with the Bonnyville Ag Society to host Gardeners’ Day – a workshop featuring local gardening experts who share latest trends and improvements in gardening and landscaping.