Nutrition Tools

Tools for Cattle Producers

Whether you're looking to gauge your feed test results, evaluate feed nutrient values, or are looking for a water system estimator, we've got a tool for that.

Nutrition Tools

Whether you're looking to gauge your feed test results, evaluate feed nutrient value, or looking for a water system estimator, these nutrition tools can help.


Beef Cattle Research Council:

Tool for Evaluating Feed Test Results

Tool for Evaluating the Economic Value of Feeds Based on Nutrient Content

A Water Systems Calculator

Forage U-Pick Tool:

An interactive forage species selection tool for Western Canada

Feed Testing

LARA offers two free feed tests to active producers in the MD of Bonnyville, County of St. Paul, Lac La Biche County, and Smoky Lake County.

What's included:

The Complete Forage Package test which we offer includes: dry matter, moisture, crude protein, soluble protein, ADF-CP, UIP, ADF, NDF, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, sodium, copper, manganese, zinc, iron, calculated values (TDN, NEL, NEM, NEG). 

Drop-off & Shipment Info

Feed tests can be dropped off at our Fort Kent office or at the St. Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Plant.

Samples are shipped once a week on Wednesdays at noon (12 PM).

Additional fees:

  • Additional tests like nitrates or toxins can be added at a cost of $10/test.
  • After submission of two free feed samples, each additional sample is $25. 


*** Samples take approximately 10 business days to get the results back and additional tests such as Nitrates may take extra time 

Forage Probes

LARA has multiple forage probes producers can borrow for sampling hay, greenfeed, haylage, and silage. 


If you have questions about nutrition tools, would like more information on feed sampling and testing, or to book a forage bale probe, contact us:

Alyssa Krawchuk
Manager and Forage & Livestock Specialist
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(780) 826-7260

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