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Through videos, webinars, and podcasts, LARA brings you the latest news in agricultural science and research.


Here you'll find videos of agronomy-related news and research that we think would be of interest to Lakeland farmers. 


LARA Liming Trial in partnership with Graymont


Never miss a LARA webinar again. Recordings of previously held events can now be found here under our media page.

The Latest Research In Intercropping

Challenges and Successes: Producer Experiences

Agronomy Update 2022

Intercropping Impacts on Nutrient and Disease

Cover Crops and Cows

Feeding Through the Drought

Dugout Webinar Series Part 1

Dugout Webinar Series Part 2

Succession Planning with Kelly Sidoryk

Grazing Management

2020 LARA Research Update

Moose Lake Watershed Society Nutrient Budget

Q&A with Joel Williams

Designing Cover Crop Blends Part 1

Designing Cover Crop Blends Part 2 Open Discussion

LARA Soil Health Webinar with Kevin Elmy

Water Treatment System Webinar

Lowering Input Costs and Rejuvenating Soil with Gabe Brown

Adaptive Grazing with Dr. Allen Williams

Soil Health Webinar Ray Archuleta


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