Youth Education

Youth Education

Walking with Moose

Walking with Moose allows grade five students to be further educated about the ecosystem of Moose Lake/ Cold Lake, supplementing the curriculum, learning about biodiversity, healthy shorelines and forest ecology. The students spend half the day at Pelican Point (or Cold Lake Provincial Park) where they collect animals and organisms and place them in containers where they are identified and then returned to their habitat. The students also learn about water quality, wetlands and larger animals that live along the shore such as birds and fish. The second half of the day is spent at the Moose Lake Provincial Park (Cold Lake is at one location in the Cold Lake Provincial Park). There they are guided by Lakeland Agricultural Research Association staff, Beaver River Watershed Alliance staff, and Municipal District of Bonnyville staff and hike through the forest, learning about wildlife signs and tracks, vegetation such as lichens and dwarf mistletoe, and the forest ecosystem including potential threats such as the pine beetle, fire and human impacts.

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