Growing with Canola: A 2013 Agronomic Demonstration

Growing with Canola: A 2013 Agronomic Demonstration

Trial Information:

2013 was the fourth year that the Canola Agronomic Demonstration was grown at LARA and the second year it was seeded at the LARA farm, Fort Kent. The trial was planted with a 12 foot ConservaPak seeder with 12″ row spacing. The treatments demonstrated in the trial this year are summarized in Table 1.

The goal of the demonstration is to show the efficacy of current agronomic trends and to mimic common agronomic mistakes that can be made while seeding and managing canola. Observations were recorded throughout the year to determine variations between treatments and many producers braved the cool weather on July 19 to hear Murray Hartman speak about the demonstration and important canola issues of the day.


Demonstration Information:

  • Variety: L130
  • Date Seeded: June 7, 2013
  • Location: NE25-61-05-W4
  • Soil Fertility (lbs/ac): N-105, P-28, K-20, S-22
  • Fertilizer Applied: treatment specific
  • Herbicides applied: Liberty


There were obvious trends between the check plot managed to current canola agronomic recommendations and the plots seeded at different depths and speed. Treatments 1 and 2 demonstrated that increasing the speed of seeding from 4 mph to 5.5 mph can have a significant impact on seedling emergence. Although this does not seem like a large increase in speed, the reduced emergence was visible throughout the growing season and could significantly impact production economics through reduced yields.

Increasing the seeding depth from 0.5” to 2” in treatments 3 and 4 showed that it is important to accurately check depth before and during seeding. There was a significantly noticeable reduction in seedling emergence when seeded at 2” deep and an even greater drop when speed was also increased from 4 mph to 5.5 mph (Figure 1). No significant differences were observed between the different seeding rates of 3 lbs/ac and 5 lbs/ac.

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Alberta Canola Producers Commission
Canola Council of Canada
Andrukow Group
DOW AgroSciences
Bayer CropSciences
Nexus Ag
County of St. Paul
Lac La Biche County
MD of Bonnyville
St. Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Plant

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